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Rules and regulations

We are very pleased to welcome you and wish you a pleasant holiday in our camp-site. In order to make your stay more pleasant, we would like to introduce some useful information to you.


Rules and regulations in the camp are issued in order to protect the interest of all guests in the camp. This Book of regulations underlines the obligations of conduct expected of all Camp-site guests whilst enjoying the accommodation services within the camp-site, as well as instructions for the use of camp-site devices and equipment.



Upon arrival at the camp-site, Guests are obliged to check in at the camp-site reception. During check in, the guest is requested to hand over the personal documents of all those people staying at the camp-site, as they all need to be registered in the camp-site's Guest book. Guests who have not completed check in procedures and who are found on the camp-site are required to pay the full price and the fine according to the camp-site price list.

At reception the guest will be given a ticket, that must be exposed in a visible place on the accommodation unit, throughout his stay at the camp-site, together with sticker on which is written the date of check in, the number of people, the car registration number which must be clearly exposed on the car/camper's windscreen and an auto-pass that will be given following the payment of a deposit of 50,00 kn and a signature which allows the holder to enter and exit the camp-site, and which must be shown if requested .

There will be a charge of 100.00 kn if the auto-pass is lost.

Invoices are to be paid on the day of departure or on the previous day, by returning the (ticket) number, the sticker and the auto-pass (the deposit will be). Should the guest pay his invoice on the previous day, he must return the ticket, the sticker and the auto-pass to reception on the day of his departure.

The camping space must be free before 1.00. p.m., otherwise guests will be obliged to pay for an extra day.

Children may stay at the camp-site if accompanied by parents or an authorized person. Parents or the authorized person is responsible for the behaviour of the child in his care. Only accompanied children may use the sanitary services or other facilities within the camp-site.

Guests staying in our apartments/mobile homes are obliged to vacate them before 10.00 a.m.



Pitches for camping equipment and vehicles are allocated by the camp-site reception depending on t places available within the camp-site. Camping is permitted on specially organised camping plots. An authorized person (the escort) will accompany the guest to is accommodation unit.

The camp-site guest is forbidden to change his camping plot without the prior permission of the camp-site reception service. Please use the place rationally. Paying attention to the other campers’ pitches.

Before departure from the camp-site, Guests are obliged to clean their pitch and leave it as they found it.

The car/ camper must be parked on the same pitch, on the space provided for parking or as agreed with the authorised reception agent (escort).

Powerboat trailer owners must leave it in the designated area, out of the camp-site.



Camp-site guests may use the electric and public devices, and equipment. Camp-site guests must use these devices and equipment in the correct manner and for the purpose they were intended.

The use of electrical devices (cooking stove, freezer, A/C device etc.) not intended for usage within the camp-site is forbidden.

Dish and laundry washing is only permitted in the designated areas.

The washing of cars, boats and the changing of oil on vehicles is strictly forbidden on the camp-site.

Wash basins, sinks, showers, pissoirs and toilets must be used in the proper way, according to their designated purpose, taking into account that the sanitary facilities are for the common use of all campers.

Only authorized persons in camp (staff) have the right of handling with electrical cabinets and other installations.



The camp-site guest is responsible for safeguarding his property and belongings whilst in the camp-site.

Money and personal valuables may be deposited, with a personal signature, at the camp-site reception.

The camp-site management is not responsible for any loss or damage to belongings in the property of its camp-site guests, or for accidents or injuries in which occur at the camp-site due to the negligence of the guest himself, nor is it responsible for damage caused by poor weather conditions or circumstances out of its control.



Motor vehicles may only be used for entering and exiting during the designated time (from 6.00. a.m. till 11.00. p.m.)

The maximum allowed speed within the camp-site's grounds is 5 km per hour.



Camp-site guests must respect the public peace and quiet.

A daily period of rest in the camp-site lasts from 2.00 p.m. till 4.00 p.m.

The period of rest at night is intended from 11.00 p.m. until 6.00 a.m.

Guests arriving on the camp-site after 11.00 p.m. may be placed on the camp-site's parking area.

During the night (after 11.00 p.m.), entrance to the camp-site or the moving of vehicles is not allowed.

The use of radios and TV, musical instruments, speaking and singing is not allowed if in some way this causes a disturbance on the camp-site.

Photographing or recording the other guests is not allowed without their permission.



Dogs are allowed in the camp-site.

Dogs must be kept on a leash and under the owner’s surveillance while in the camp-site and in the surrounding areas.

Owners are obliged to clean up after their dogs.

Dogs may bath in the sea, on special beaches and in the sanitary facilities, in specially designated areas.



Rubbish must be placed in plastic bags and not be left outside bins placed around the camp-site.

Toilet facilities must be left clean and tidy.

Camp-site guests must keep their pitches clean and tidy.

They are obliged to preserve the plants and the green vegetation in the camp-site.

It is forbidden to cut down trees or to damage them (hammer the nails) or cut branches away.

Concrete-work, fencing, masonry- work, the placing of kitchen elements, the raising of tents over caravans, the obstruction of paths, especially those leading to the shore and the sea is forbidden.



It is forbidden to light fires due to the fire hazard.

The camp-site is equipped with the fire-fighting equipment.

According to the Republic of Croatia's Act on fire-protection, in order to implement the safety of guests sojourning in the camp-site, IT IS FORBIDDEN to grill over open fires (wood or carbon) and Guests are kindly asked to go to the special areas such grill may be used according to the regulations prescribed by the Republic of Croatia Act on fire-protection.

In case of an objective fire danger the lighting of open fires is strictly forbidden.

The admission of inflammable fuels, explosives etc. is strictly forbidden



Our guest’s visitors may not remain in the camp-site without a reception permit.

Visitors are obliged to leave an identity document and to pay the visitor's price. Daily guests are permitted to stay on the camp-site, until a certain hour, in accordance with the camp-site reception.



Boat owners are obliged to register their boats at the port branch office in Nerezine or Mali Lošinj.

Boats may only move with the help of paddles or with a minimum engine speed up to 200 m from the shore.

Damages to the installations and/or equipment irregularities committed by the camp-site guest must report.


The guest is obliged to respect the Rules and regulations of the camp-site; otherwise the camp-site management has the right to refuse hospitality on the same.


We hope that you will be satisfied with your stay at the camp-site.


For any other information please refer to the camp-site reception.


Thank you for your attention and we wish you a very pleasant stay in our Campsite.



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